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What You Need to Know About Your Past

The Beginning of Trade

Who helped us?
The Medici Family
The Beginning of Trade
Important People of the Renaissance
The Sforza Family

Let's take a look at what was involved in the fourishing of trade in the new world and how it all started out.

Tools developed in the Middle Ages continued to be used during the Renaissance. Although navigation was still not quite accurate sailors were able to go farther than before. This was important because as the economy grew the Renaissnace continued to improve, and there was an increasing demand for imported goods and new places to export goods.
Tools and ships and many more....
One of the tools created to help improve trade was the astrolable. The astrolable was a portabel device used by sailors to help them find their way while at sea, it also helped determine latitude which is an important tool in navigation. Another tool, the magnetic compass was improved during the Renaissnace. Maps also became more reliable as Portugese cartographers incorporated information from previous sailors into their work. Large ships were also created. For many traders traveling by sea was easier than traveling by land because the network of roads had many lurking thieves. The first Renaissnace sailor took the seas to supply Europeans with the many Asian spices they demanded. perppercorn, nutmeg, mace, and cinnamon all came from lands in the east. also from the East cam eprecious gems and silk which women used to make clothing.

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The Renaissance