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The Sforza Family

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The Sforza Family


The Sforza family was one of the important families during the Renaissance along with the Medicis. They helped trade occur and expand and got rich because of it too!

Sforza Family

They were an Italian family, first known as the Attendois. They produced soliders of fortune and founded a dynasty that ruled Milan for almost a century (from 1450-1535). They used their military position to become rulers in Milan. They governed using force, ruse, and power politics. Under their rule the city-state flourished and expanded. They were warriors.

Muzio Attendolo Sforza

First prominent member of the family. He was a farmer from the Romagna. He became a conditiere. He fought for Italian states. He became duke of Milan in 1450 because of his marriage to Bianca Maria Visconti.

Galeazzo Maria Sforza

The oldest son.He was a highly educated young man, but was known as a cruel man. He was a patron of the arts and employed architect Bramante. He was assainated in a church by republican conspirators.

Ascanio Maria Sforza

He was another one of Francesco's sons. From 1455-1505 he was a cardinal of the Catholic church and was also a patron of the arts.


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The Renaissance