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What You Need to Know About Your Past
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This is a site that will tell you about the past experiences our world has endured. We will tell you how the specified event affected us and how it contributed to the building of our world today. This event is called the Renaissance

The Renaisnace is known as the "rebirth" because it was a period where old ideas were re-discovered and taken into consideration.One of the main aspects of the Renaissanec was trade and exploration.

In north city-states like Florence, Milan, Venice, and Genoa grew into prosperous centers of trade and manufacturing. Rome, in central Italy, and Naples in the south, along with a number of small city-states contributed to the Renaissnace revival.
Wealthy, powerful merchant class in these city-states promoted the cultural rebirth. The merchants had political and economic leadership. They promoted education and individual achievements. They also supported the arts.

The Renaissance should be learned because it has helped our comunities and countries in many ways. It has helped us become more aware of others around the country and their clothing, food, and the way they chose to  live their life.The Renaissance helped us realize what our lives are really about.

The Renaissance